Survive and live! Provide for your family and get the max out of your fields
Outperform the competitors: Buy cheap - and sell expensive!
Buy coffee - make money…Beware the price does not fall
Brand company
Buy futures contracts on the stock exchange, brand your coffee and win new shares
Lend money to the right people and spot the bad customers
Buy and sell securities for commodities… Follow the news… Feel the rush!
Furnish the coolest café! Build a strong brand!

The trader: Buys cheap and sells expensive!

Buy coffee from peasants and sell to exporters.
Sell condoms, pesticides and school cards to the peasants.
Trade with chickens and the right time.
The trader represents, together with the exporter, the category merchants. Their aim is to earn more money than other traders in the category. The trader shall avoid being dependent on a bank or an exporter. His role is to contact peasants and negotiate the price down. He needs to finance his acquisitions by the bank. He can be the agent for an exporter or team up with other traders against the exporter to get the price up.