The technology behind ToughRoad

ToughRoad is an interactive game. A great part of the communication with the players and simulation of the game’s economy is done through the game’s interactive platform. The platform itself is a web platform which means that nothing should be installed on the computer to access ToughRoad.

ToughRoad is compatible with all modern browsers and can be used on any computer, even on a tablet. Most roles in the game will need a personal computer or a computer in which the school can provide.

Requirements for schools and participants:

ToughRoad consists of a server, where a separate and prearranged copy of the game is drafted for each game venue. This is part of the game package. It is through the server, you are interacting with the game and it is the server that conducts the game’s events, sends text messages and simulates the game’s economy. The stock exchange handles the hundreds of transactions that dealers make throughout the game. This shapes the price of the coffee which is visible to the other players. In addition, the server simulates the global economy in the broader sense in terms of growth rates and statements of the participants equity.

When the game has ended, a number of figures and statistics will be available for educational purposes. Questions such as “Why did the capital of the banks’ grow” can be answered based on the players’ knowledge of the course of the game.

How is it developed?

Our software is based on open source technologies and is, apart from the brand, also designed as an open source project. Broadly speaking, it is a Django application with 70,000 lines of Python, HTML and JavaScript.

We stand on the shoulders of giants such as:

ToughRoad is expected to be released as an open source project as soon as the license conditions for both code and graphics are clarified.