Development Issues

Dansk Kommunikation deals with development issues and intends to involve even more in global poverty and development issues. ToughRoad is part of this work.

The game’s overall objective is to motivate the participants to understand the complex and concurrent factors that make it difficult, for poor peasants and agricultural workers in developing countries, to overcome poverty. However, the game also emphasizes the prospects for change that do exist.

An important point to stress is that the poor of the developing countries are not passive victims but active “players”, who must use all their talents to succeed. The game also deals with terms such as fairtrade and ethical trade which can give the participants practical experience, while addressing global issues.

The Method

Dansk Kommunikation is focused on methods in the development work which is less sender-controlled than materials coming from development organizations. Dansk Kommunikation also aims to not only mobilize people’s immediate sympathy (and willingness to pay) for poor people in poor countries, but also their desire to know more and get further involved.

The method consists in creating good cycles on the basis of the key words motivation, applicability and inclusion. The target group must be motivated to be part of a self-reinforcing process. That requires they feel informed about a cause, but also that the newfound knowledge is useful in personal and/or professional matters. At the same time, the information work must be inclusive. It shall demonstrate that commitment to development issues can be expressed in many ways and that it is in no way restricted to people with certain political views or (sub-)cultural characteristics.

ToughRoad is based on this methodology. The game’s intention is to make it possible for participants to empathize with the character they are assigned. The dynamics of the game gives an opportunity to the participants to familiarize themselves with the content while they put each other under a continuous pressure.